Get in on the fun!

Membership is open to teenagers ages 13 -18, currently enrolled in a school or home school. You must have passing grades to participate in any event. Membership is for 1 year, beginning June 1st, ending May 30th the following year.

Membership Types

We have two types of memberships.

Full members can participate in all events, tournaments, organizational functions and have full benefits. You can apply for positions that are available, such as photography, journalism or hold an office.

Associate members may join in on meetings, apply for scholarships, attend events at a discounted fee and help with our conservation efforts.

With sign up you'll receive a shirt w/ logo, 1 years membership, discounts for tackle and other fishing gear. You will be able to apply for scholarships and help at events.

Membership Application Form

All prospective Members of Teen Angler’s Adventures are required to complete this registration form. Indicate any changes; Membership runs from June 1st-May 31st. 

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